Sandrine Guérin, Untitled (page 13), 2008 and Untitled (page 19), 2008
Graphite on paper
25 5/8 x 19 3/4 inches each

Sandrine Guérin, Untitled, 2007

Page 13

Every morning known nothing about. I would have been a brother.
everybody....for a long time.
The wives, her mother, delighted old friends
love or absence, their outlines—
that much anyway,
formats of reality seized from a man named and dead
claiming sacred space
belonging on behalf
biography becomes intertwined with numbers, lapses
one of which feels true enough
Yes, I'm no fool; singing all the names in my mouth
I see, renderings. something dreamed unfolds in the soul it contains.
barely outside its element- in the voices of their journeys
(clandestine to themselves.)
juxtaposed testimonies
skin gently pulsing wildness, translucent rhythms. inhabitants.


Page 19

a dark horse into someone’s face
an element of frontier
something else was also the truth,
the war
The excess of it
blood unearthed from humanity
ambivalence glistened
away from the skull
they toss it aside and start another.
bones come alive
pieces of history,